Archimedes is an ocean planet in the Imdali sector, first colonized by Humanity as a base of operations for the UN Navy's Third Frontier Regiment. Upon further investigation of the planet and its vast oceans, the Humans who were stationed there came to realize that the planet was bustling with new forms of primitive aquatic life. Since this discovery, the colony on Archimedes has expanded to include a large research center dedicated to discovering and documenting all of the different species that reside in the planet's oceans.

While conditions on the colony's massive marine structures are quite livable, extreme weather is not an uncommon occurrence on Archimedes. From simple rainstorms to full-on hurricanes, Archimedes is often battered by the weather. Despite these conditions, there has recently been some talk of making Archimedes a tourist destination in the form of an undersea resort. Nothing has been made final as of yet, but some companies have shown interest.


Following the cruel experimentation by lead scientist Cade Boyega that left all twenty-five of his coworkers and an Irikgan dead, their research facility was destroyed under the order of Captain Markus Kemp of the UNS Argo.

However, that was not the official narrative released by the United Nations. The Admiralty Board told the public that Archimedes was targeted as a military installation and obliterated by the Kelviir. The truth is still yet to come out.


When the Ubiar Invasion was deemed officially over, the newly formed Human Freedom Coalition sought to rebuild the outpost in hopes of further studying the perplexing Irikgan.

Come 2206 CE, the station is still being expanded, but it is fully operational.