Aries is a planet colonized by the Ardolons in the Tallus sector of Nironian Collective space, almost directly on the UN-Nironian border. The planet itself is one expansive desert with only a few mountain ranges and oases spread throughout. Average temperatures on Aries are often around 30-40°C, and dust storms on the planet are an extremely common occurrence.

While the Ardolon colony on Aries was originally established shortly after Humanity's arrival on the galactic landscape for its value as a strategic position against the United Nations were it ever needed, it has changed drastically from the military outpost that it once was. Though it does indeed still fulfill that purpose, an Ardolon mining operation was established there in 2136 after the discovery of valuable minerals, which has been thriving ever since its construction.

In addition to its value as a mining operation, a rather large trading post was established by Ardolon traders in 2165. Despite the fact that the Humans and Ardolons do not trade at a federal level, the Aries Trading Post still continues to grow to this day with thousands of civilian traders setting up shops and advertising their products. Due to Aries' close proximity to the UN-Nironian border, many more traders have found it an appealing location to sell to both Ardolons and Humans.