Augustus is a planet on the edge of Aurelius that is home to a Human frontier colony of the same name. Swamps cover the vast majority of the planet's surface, and though it doesn't often suffer from extreme weather, temperatures on Augustus have been known to exceed 50°C during the planet's dry season. Needless to say, most colonists stay inside whenever this happens.

While Humanity had originally believed Augustus to be void of intelligent life, they were soon proved wrong when they found an age-old colony of Katali refugees residing there who had settled down after the Secession Wars. While the initial discovery sparked some concern and nearly a terrorist attack by Katali extremists, it was quickly rectified by the Intergalactic Assembly's decision to give the Aurelius sector to the Katali as a condolence for the Secession Wars, so long as the Humans could keep their colony. The Katali agreed to this proposition and the two colonies have since merged, now peacefully coexisting despite the Ubiar Invasion and the Aristeides Vogel's xenophobic sentiments.