Avalon is a garden world that seems almost like a home away from home for the Human race. Like the Human homeworld of Earth, much of its surface, roughly 48%, is covered by water while the rest is mostly marshland.

Home to the first Human colony outside of their home sector of Sol, Avalon has become the reassurance that much of Humanity needed: it serves as proof that they will be able to continue on in the galaxy if Earth ever becomes uninhabitable. Many of Genesis' inhabitants enjoy a life of peace and prosperity, though those outside of the capital city of Custer are proven to be susceptible to pirate attacks or the occasional Secession Movement demonstration. Much of these, however, are repelled by the UN Navy's First Frontier Regiment.


After the overwhelming success of the Bento Initiative and construction of the massive UNS Dawn, Humanity set off to the Alpha Centauri sector to establish their first permanent colony outside of Sol in 2072 CE. The colony proved to be a massive success and continues to flourish a century later with a wonderfully diverse population and culture.

However, many have begun to side with the radical Secession Movement in the last decade, claiming the United Nations feeds off their colonies and provides little in return.


  • 24.1 million Humans
  • 900,000 non-Humans