Cerberus Station is the largest military-only space station that Humanity has ever built, currently orbiting the gas giant Neptune. While it has since been rebuilt since the beating it took during the Ubiar Invasion, it is still a shell of its former self.


It serves as a crucial first line of defense for the Human homeworld Earth and the Sol sector as a whole, as well as a major staging area for the HFC Navy.

The Navy's First Fleet is stationed here as Earth's primary defense force in the case of any invasion attempts. Due to how vital it is in Earth's defense, the First Fleet is by far the largest and most powerful of the Navy's five fleets.

The station itself is massive, albeit nowhere even close the size of the Intergalactic Assembly Station, but rather simple in design. It features five main parts: Docking Bays Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie, Cerberus Command in the center of the station, and the vast amount of both manned and automated turrets that line the outer walls of the station. The docking bays offer everything one would expect, from retrofits to resupplies.

Cerberus Command is essentially the heart of the station: controlling all of the automated weapons systems, monitoring all of the goings on of the station, and having a direct quantum-entangled connection to Earth for instant communication in the case of emergency.