Born to two of the first Humans to settle on the barren Mars colony Exodus, Ciara was one of the few to make it off-world and make something of herself. Stowing away on the ship of the UN Navy explorer and future Admiral Jerian North was perhaps the best decision she ever made.

Ciara survived an impressive five days in the cargo hold while avoiding all of the crew. Yet, at the end of that five days, John Kemp, the ship's captain, wanted her thrown off the ship. Jerian North, who was once a young boy similarly trying to flee Exodus, sought another outcome: enlisting her in the Trailblazer Program as she clearly had at least some fascination in the Navy and had the ingenuity a Trailblazer needed.

Ciara finished her training in 2162 CE and before long, she was discovering planet after planet and even helping establish a handful of research posts. Naturally, she rose through the ranks and, like her close friend Markus Kemp, transferred back to the Navy in 2178 CE to become a communications officer.

Since then, she has been serving in the Fifth Fleet as the personal Communications Officer for the very man she has come to owe her life to: Jerian North.