This article provides a list of all United Nations commendations.

List of commendations:

  • Defense Distinguished Service Medal: Awarded for distinguished performance in defense of the United Nations and Human safety.
  • Distinguished Pilot Cross: Rewards extraordinary and audacious flying in both space and low orbit scenarios.
  • Distinguished Service Medal: Recognizes distinguished and exceptionally meritorious service to the United Nations while serving in a duty or position of great responsibility.
  • Exploratory Commendation: Reward for extraordinary exploratory efforts for Trailblazers and some UNSM Marines.
  • Interstellar Service Medal: Awarded for exceptional and brave service on a military vessel in space.
  • Medal of Honor: Most prestigious and highest military commendation for Marines who distinguished themselves with acts of valor.
  • Purple Heart: Awarded in the name of the Prime Minister to those wounded or killed in combat.
  • UN Navy Cross: Second-highest decoration just behind the Medal of Honor awarded for valor in combat.
  • UNSM Commendation: Commendation recommending a soldier to start the UNSM trials; rivals the Medal of Honor in level of prestige.