FDR Station is a crucial military outpost that sits in the Arthurian Sector of United Nations space. It does not orbit a planet like most other UN stations.


Serving as Humanity's first line of defense against against any surprise aggression from the Nironian Collective, FDR Station sits as close to the UN-Nironian border as the Humans were allowed to build it.

The UN Navy's Third Fleet is stationed here, tasked with blockading the Nironian border to assist the station in case of any attacks, while the Navy's Second Fleet rests just a few light-years away, ready to assist at any moment as it blockades another part of the border.

FDR Station itself, while not as large of a military station as Cerberus Station, is still fairly simple in design and easy to navigate. The station features one massive tower, where everything from communications to surveillance is located throughout a number of different floors. It features an immense number of docking bays for all sizes of ships excluding battleships, the most Humanity has ever built on a single station due to the fact that it needs to constantly service the Third Fleet as well as the occasional ship from the Second Fleet.