Genesis is the first Human colony ever established outside of their home sector of Sol and by far the biggest success Humanity has ever had with colonization. The colony of Genesis still prospers to this day, and it holds fast as a bastion of hope for Humankind.

The population and culture of Genesis is as diverse as they come, featuring numerous settlements that harbour Humans from every walk of life, and even a number of inhabitants from the non-Human races around the galaxy. Being the place where Humanity was first discovered by the Bushrak, there is a rather strong Bushrak presence in the capital city of Custer, where the people of Genesis can enjoy some of the finer points of Bushrak culture.

Genesis is far from perfect, however, and is not without its fair share of troubles. The smaller settlements are susceptible to the occasional pirate attack or act of terror. The Secession Movement, a small, disorganized and aggressive movement pushes for independence among the UN colonies, doing so through acts of terror.