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The World

Horizons, an incredibly near future in which Humans have taken to the stars and found a galaxy ripe with opportunity, takes place throughout our very own galaxy: the Milky Way. However, outside of our own solar system, nearly nothing is the same. Each solar system, or Sector, has its own unique identity packed with exotic races and planets.

Naturally, that diversity eventually attracted the villainous Ubiar to the Milky Way, forcing a select few to evacuate to the Andromeda Galaxy in one last ditch effort to preserve life as we know it. The brave souls that stayed behind fought tooth and nail to save the Milky Way, but their fate is far from certain. Uncover the past and create a future free from those very mistakes in a brand new galaxy: Andromeda.

With an overwhelming amount of articles covering nearly every facet of Horizons, it's best to check the Timeline before all else.

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