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The Human Freedom Coalition is the collective governing body of the Human race and prominent member of Second Intergalactic Assembly. While its predecessor, the United Nations, was an intergalactic force to be reckoned with, the Ubiar Invasion devastated their empire: leaving the HFC with several ruined worlds and the burden of reconstruction. However, the HFC still remains a prominent player due to its loyalty to the Second Intergalactic Assembly and diplomatic history.


The goal of the Human Freedom Coalition is to protect Human interests abroad with regard for alien interests, but an immense priority on their own. The HFC sets an overwhelming emphasis on protecting their citizens and borders from another alien threat like the Ubiar.


The Washington Outpost-based Human Congress controls the Coalition's legislative actions with input from the Admiralty Board and Prime Minister. While the Prime Minister may only offer input on legislative issues, the position comes with an immense amount of influence and sway over Congress. It is truly a far-cry from the tight-knit, cooperative UN Council that preceded it.