One of Humanity's most famous physicists, Jackson Bento led the team responsible for cracking faster than light travel after Dr. Isabelle Allan's discovery of the Martian Reconnaissance Post.


Bento's discoveries have led many to compare him to the likes of Newton and even Einstein, in some circles. His formulas continue to provide the foundation that modern scientists iterate upon across the galaxy.


A decade prior to his death, Jackson set off to record the highs and lows of his "successful, yet often frenetic" career. Most major Human history books incorporate excerpts from his work, and other races often recommend the publication to help garner a deeper understanding for Humanity.

Of the entire book, this famous excerpt remains the most quoted and renowned:

"From the moment I exited my mother's womb, I yearned to escape to the stars: to discover something greater, something new. Yet, in my twilight years, I began to believe the very exploit I committed my entire life to was little more than wishful thinking. I began to sort out my retirement, plan vacations, and the like. That was until I received a unexpected call from my close friend, Isabelle Allan. From the second the line closed, I knew my life's work had led up to this moment, and nothing could have simply prepared me for what was to ensue. The discovery of the Martian Reconnaissance Post brought upon an enlightenment far more potent and enthusiastic than the greatest science fiction writers could even fathom."