Very recently colonized by the Ganonsyoni with the assistance of the United Nations 2176 CE, Luonus is a garden world similar to the Human homeworld of Earth. The planet is not as diverse in terms of climate, with consistently warm weather through two distinct seasons: a wet season and a dry season. Weather can sometimes be more severe than what the Ganonsyoni are familiar with from Muria, with anything from regular thunderstorms to full-on hurricanes occurring on the planet during some parts of the year.

While the colony on Luonus is young, it is already flourishing with successful mining and forestry operations, as well as a research center dedicated to documenting all of the different animals and aquatic life that live on the planet. Luonus is a shining example of Human-Ganonsyoni relations and culture, with all of the inhabitants living in harmony and even some families starting between the two races.