Home to the newest players on the galactic field, the Ganonsyoni, Muria is a fairly peaceful planet in the Flavian sector of United Nations space. The planet itself is tropical for the most part, and much of the land is covered by rainforests similar to the ones found on the southern continents of Earth. Weather on Muria is fairly tame compared to other worlds in the galaxy, though it still experiences its fair share of thunderstorms and the like. Conditions are hot and humid year-round, with temperatures never dropping below 20°C and quite a bit of rainfall.

While Muria itself is rather predictable, the Ganonsyoni that live there are in a precarious spot time during their lives. With recent Trailblazer Crisis and the culture shock that followed, their race is divided. Many of the younger Ganonsyoni have accepted their place on the galactic scene, while their elders reject the reality of what has occurred and continue their tribal ways.


Up until only a few centuries prior, Muria was a lawless wasteland plagued by warring tribes and utter chaos. Yet, with the arrival of Kryat, their messiah and theorized lost Bushrak explorer, all of that violence came to an end. The planet finally enjoyed unification long enough to make technological progress and enter an incredibly limited industrial revolution.

Just as they started on their first steam engines, another explorer, this time being Markus Kemp, crash landed on Muria and forever changed the future of the Ganonsyoni. Only having been twenty years since this crisis, the Ganonsyoni people are still adjusting to the galactic landscape, though at an accelerated rate compared to that of any of the other Assembly Races.


Population estimates are quite inaccurate as many of the planet's elder tribes refuse to cooperate with the Intergalactic Assembly.