Nahdar Station is a massive space station built into a moon orbiting Tiberius. The station protects the pirate planet below and is an absolutely massive stronghold even the UN Navy dares not to disrupt.


Encompassing the entire moon of Nahdar, this enormous space station serves one purpose and one purpose only: to protect the pirate planet Tiberius. Nahdar Station was originally built during the galactic depression in the 1300s and 1400s as a way for some of the wealthiest pirates and criminals in the galaxy to protect their investments. It has done so flawlessly since its construction, and even the strongest of fleets across the galaxy refuse to attack the station. The losses sustained in an attack would simply be too great a cost for what Tiberius is.

The station itself is slightly smaller but on par with the UN's Cerberus Station, though most of Nahdar's space is dedicated to weapons and defense systems. There are a number of command centers around the station rather than just one due to how many systems need to be managed, though all communications are routed through Nahdar Central Command, which handles the primary weapons systems as well as traffic control for Tiberius and the space around it. Though one may be able to live comfortably on the planet below given enough credits, there are a number of living quarters on the upper floors of the station for the wealthy of the criminal underworld who wish not to reside on Tiberius.