The Nedollon are a race of serene, tree-like organisms presiding on Verbenisia. While enjoying the luxuries brought upon by their industrial age and seemingly incessant peace, the Nedollon continue to make significant scientific advancements. At their current pace, they may join the galaxy community within the next millennium.


Due to an incredibly thin food chain, the Nedollons have evolved to consume fungi as their primary source of nutrition. A healthy amount of this fungus grows on their own coat throughout a majority of the year.

Their home-world experiences extremes of temperature due to a highly elliptical orbit. As a result, Nedollons have grown a thick layer of armor to protect them from their harsh homeworld.


Not much is known about Nedollon history due to the United Nations's decision to partake in passive observation.

However, Human scientists have managed to piece together two distinct historical phases: Preindustrial and Industrial. After an unfortunate incident in which thousands of Nedollon workers perished in a volcanic eruption, Nedollon scientists began to scrutinize the magma, believing it must hold some energetic potential similarly to fire, which the primitives had been using for millennia.

With this realization and subsequent success, the Nedollon began to quickly industrialize via geothermal power, marking the beginning of their Industrial era. They have only recently entered this new era, so it remains to be seen how successful (or catastrophic) their efforts will be.


Located in United Nations space, the Nedollon remain secluded from the rest of the galaxy due to strict no-contact mandates by the UN. Any significant cultural phenomena remain unknown to the rest of the galactic community due to the UN's strict protocols.


Similarly to most other primitives, government varies greatly from region to region. However, most Nedollon nations have seemed to assemble monarchies supported by a congress of sorts.


Each of the Nedollon nations possess a loosely organized army of significant size trained in fighting with other Nedollons on Verbenisia. Despite their best efforts, the Nedollon armies would not even stand a chance against one regiment of United Nations Marines.