Pathfinder Rover

The Pathfinder Rover is a one of a kind, experimental United Nations Special Missions rover designed for exploration and combat deployment over nearly any terrain when the shuttle is not an option.


The Pathfinder Rover combines the perfect level of speed and armor for infiltrating hostile environments or simply exploring foreign environments. Being the size of a large truck back on Earth, the Pathfinder is capable of transporting up to seven passengers comfortably with plenty of room for anything deemed necessary.

While the Pathfinder is quite easily a defensive and infiltrative marvel, it lacks any true offensive measures for engaging anything larger than standard infantry. With the exception of the mortar (which takes up to thirty seconds to aim and another two minutes to cool down) and measly laser, the lack of weapons makes it advisable to exit the rover outside the area of engagement or travel with some form of auxiliary support.


UNSVM1: United Nations Special Missions Version 1

  • UNN Kinetic Shields: Capable of deflecting small, high velocity objects. Can take several torpedoes before shields drop.
  • UNSVM1 Trauma Armor: Even after the shields are down, enemies must tear through top of the line palladium plating capable of stopping up to five torpedoes and innumerable laser fire.
  • UNSVM1 Anti-Armor Mortar: Single launcher mounted on the back of the hull firing experimental shells intended for stationary targets.
  • UNSVM1 Laser Chaingun: Single chain gun on the underside of the hull rapid firing lasers intended for wrecking havoc on terrestrial targets.
  • UNSMV1 Sensors: Radar and thermographic active scanners, though no passive scanners.