United Nations Special Missions fighter capable of limited interstellar and complete interplanetary travel.


As with most fighters, the Peregrine has a tiny interior capable of one pilot and a very small amount of personal belongings. However, unlike most others, it has a full augmented reality targeting system and a variety of instruments for sensing and tracking both airborne and continental targets.


UNSVM1: United Nations Special Missions Version 1

  • H&K Kinetic Shields: Capable of deflecting small, high velocity objects. Can take one torpedo max before shields drop.
  • UNSMV1 Torpedoes: Twin launchers on each side of the hull firing experimental close-assault paired disruptor torpedo tubes.
  • UNSVM1 Laser Chaingun: Singular chain gun on the underside of the hull rapid firing lasers intended for wrecking havoc on shieldless targets and other fighters.
  • UNSMV1 Sensors: Variety of passive and active scanners, such as visual, thermographic, and radio detectors, radar, and LADAR (Laser Detection and Ranging).