The Milky Way is home to an incredibly diverse group of dozens of races, ranging from hyper-advanced sapient species such as the Ardolons to the middling primitive races eating fungus off of their own skin, like the Nedollons.

Milky Way Races

Assembly Races

Human Race Ardolon Race Bushrak Race
Human Ardolon Bushrak
Ganonsyoni Race Ardite Race Vobuk Race
Ganonsyoni Ardite Vobuk

Non-Assembly Races

Katali Race Kelviir Race Ubiar Race
Katali Kelviir Ubiar (Martians)
Ankah Race

Primitive Species

Nedollon Race Irikgan Race
Nedollon Irikgan

Misc Creatures

Celestial Cetacea

Andromeda Races

Intelligent Races

Tauper Race