Secession Wars

The Secession Wars (1544-1647 CE) was the galaxy's bloodiest domestic conflict which pitted the Nironian Collective and Systems Coalition against one another. The newly-uplifted Katali were drawn into the conflict on the side of the deceptive Ardolons, but that support quickly faded with the assault on Novi at the war's start.



While the war officially began in 1544 CE, the true start of the war began with the 1541 Border Incident that sparked three years of tension and incessant espionage from both sides.

That tension eventually gave way to a century-long war in 1544 CE. The first decade was largely fought in the Katali home-sector Novi, though it quickly shifted to just about every corner of the galaxy once the Katali worlds were left completely uninhabitable. Some highlights include the obliteration of the Ardolon fleet and subsequent defense of Yula by the legendary, gallant 401st Foreign Battalion, and the amazingly efficient Bushrak invasion of Helion V.

Thousands of documentaries and popular culture records are available on the Extranet.


All of the participants were low on morale and exhausted by the war's end, happily welcoming the Traverse Treaty and formation of the Intergalactic Assembly as it meant an end to constant conflict. The divide between the Ardolons and Bushraks grew ever more potent and volatile due to this unstable alliance, but the harsher restrictions and strict governing body that kept the pact from succumbing to the same fate as the Grand Alliance.

While the Ardolons were allowed into the Assembly from the start (albeit after paying quite a lot), the Ardite were unable to pay for their damages and were subsequently banned for a decade. This prolonged period of economic downfall and sanctions gave way to the worst depression in their history and four centuries with six different regimes in control. This turbulence seemed to be finally solved with new the Ardite king and his authoritarian regime.