Tiberius is as harsh a planet as they come. Being one of the few known lava planets in the galaxy, conditions are naturally brutal and unlivable, with volcanic activity rampant across the entirety of the planet. From simple spouts of lava shooting up from the planet's crust to complete volcanic eruptions, these conditions typically convince the lawless inhabitants of the planet to stay indoors whenever possible. Life on Tiberius is cruel, but many of the inhabitants there are far too poor to leave or too wanted to go anywhere else.


Originally discovered and subsequently colonized for mining purposes by the Kelviir not long after their arrival on the galactic scene, much of the minerals found on Tiberius were used to supply the construction of the Kelviir's Grand Station. When the station was seized by the Grand Alliance in 1233 CE, the mining facilities on Tiberius were deemed too expensive of an investment to continue running and abandoned as a result. While it remained uninhabited for a number of years, with economic depression sweeping over the galaxy during the 1300s, it became active once more. The depression forced many of the desperate people in the Anarchic Systems to turn to crime so they could get by. With piracy already rampant in this area, the problem only became worse, and some of the galaxy's wealthiest criminals began to set up shop in the abandoned mining colony that still resided on Tiberius, out of the reach of the Grand Alliance.

The same criminals who occupied the planet started to band together around the end of the depression and, in an effort to protect their investments, start to construct planetary defenses on Tiberius, more specifically the planet's moon, Nahdar. With credits thrown at every crooked engineer and poor laborer the criminals could get their hands on, the construction of Nahdar Station took off and the station was finished by the time the depression.

Ever since the construction of Nahdar Station, Tiberius has become an untouchable safe haven for criminals across the galaxy and is still active to this day. Attempts have been made to attack the planet, but the opposing force is always obliterated by the defenses of Nahdar Station. It is a lawless world ruled by whomever the wealthiest and most powerful criminal is, though that position has been taken by many over the years. Recently, it has been speculated that the Secession Movement, a terroristic organization pushing for independence among United Nations colonies is based here, though nothing concrete has been discovered to back up this theory.