Trailblazers Luna

The Trailblazer Program is an exploration initiative created by the United Nations in 2073 CE to train the next generation of explorers. Its members are colloquially known as Trailblazers and directed by the United Nations exploratory board. While the program is not incredibly exclusive, the training required to join the ranks is quite exhaustive and often lasts several years.

The program is entirely independent from the UN Navy, but the two organizations often work incredibly closely.

Notable alumni: John Kemp, Jerian North, Markus Kemp


Trailblazers are trained and equipped to operate in any number of environments ranging from arctic wastelands like Hox to volcanic deserts like Phoba. In addition to these rather advanced survival skills, Trailblazers are required to be well-versed in galactic politics and protocols due to the political ramifications first contact comes with.

In response to the Trailblazer Crisis in 2160 CE, Trailblazers are now also required to undergo limited combat training with the UN Navy.

Essentially, operatives are required to be incredibly rounded individuals equipped for an infinite number of situations due to the uncertainty that exploring the final frontier entails.


  • Armor: All Trailblazers have access to a specialized environmental suit equipped with thin shields, life support systems, passive and active scanners, magboots, and holsters for weapons, climbing gear, and any number of situation-dependent devices.
  • Spacecraft: Senior Trailblazers have access to a special type of ship in between a corvette and a destroyer specifically engineered to fit their needs (See also: UNS Medea). Newer Trailblazers often serve on these ships under a senior member, or carrying out a single task as part of a colonization expedition (ex: piloting a supply ship).
  • Weapons: Most TV18 ships are equipped with an extensive weapon locker home to a variety of UN Navy rifles and pistols.