Traverse Treaty

The Treaty of the Traverse was a treaty signed to bring about an end to the Secession Wars and create the Intergalactic Assembly.


The Traverse Treaty was eventually a state-sponsored document officially proposed by the Bushraks. However, they were actually not the authors. The document was penned by a collection of Neutral Traverse bankers that simply wanted peace and a new alliance that would not promote the economic instability that killed the Grand Alliance. The document was eventually edited by the Systems Coalition to be more friendly towards themselves and impose sanctions against the Nironian Collective.


The treaty came with many terms though the highlights are as follows:

  • Intergalactic Assembly will be the first and final authority on all galactic matters deemed important.
  • Any and all races are welcome within two decades of formation, except for those responsible for bringing about the end of the Grand Alliance. These belligerents must pay reparations to those who remained or suffer strict sanctions for a decade if they are unable to be paid.
    • After the two decades after formation, new members must be inducted with a majority vote (the Chancellor may not vote in such matters).
  • Military craft may not heavily deviate from those outlined here and the amount of battleships allotted to the respective navy is determined on a case by case basis according to population and intention.
  • Wartime restrictions and punishments for violating these terms
    • All WMDs (nuclear, carbon, and otherwise) are strictly off limits
    • Members may go to war if explicitly declared, though the aggressor may be subject to strict sanctions and further reparations.
    • Any member of an opposing force (military or civilian) must be kept prisoner if they surrender.
      • Prisoners of war must be allocated the necessities to survive and eventually sent back to their respective nations within five years.
    • Unrestricted orbital bombardment is strictly prohibited. Only military installations may be attacked.
  • Galactic currency (credits) will be managed by the Central Assembly Bank, gambling is strictly off limits in non-state-sponsored establishments, and all commerce will be monitored by the Central Assembly Bank. Violating antitrust laws, manipulating the free market, or any other commerce laws will lead to imprisonment and/or death.