While Cerberus Station is the largest United Nations military space station, Washington Outpost is actually the absolute biggest UN space station.


This station is essentially the political heart of all things United Nations.

Located in the Azure sector of UN space, the station itself is comprised of a number of important sections, the most important of which is undoubtedly the Council Tower. The UN Prime Minister lives on the very top floor of the tower, with meeting halls for both the Admiralty Board and the UN Council as well as a joint hall for any matters requiring the attention of both groups. Both bodies hold nearly all of their conferences and hearings here.

Washington Outpost has a small residential and commercial sector for anyone of political importance staying on the station, as well as the men and women of the Fifth Fleet whenever it's docked at the outpost. There are a number of docking bays for the fleet as well as any visitors, providing anything the ships require during their stay. Defense systems line the outer walls of the station, including everything from automated anti-fighter turrets to large manned batteries to fire upon larger ships.


  • Washington Outpost is where the Admiralty Board convenes for each and every of their official meetings, where they address any important matters concerning the UN Navy.
  • The UN Council holds all of their meetings here as well, discussing matters of varying importance from all reaches of United Nations space.
  • The Prime Minister of the United Nations lives here.
  • Washington Outpost is also the official home of the Navy's Fifth Fleet.